Wednesday, December 2, 2009

privacy procedures

here is my privacy procedures, At this blog . I do not do anything out of the ordinary and do not compromise any blog visitors privacy in any way. This privacy procedures tells you, If I do receive anybody's information through their voluntary giving I do not, have not, and will never sell it or give it away to anybody.

From time to time I may chose to use different stat counting programs in order to track the number of visitors who coming to my blog. Along with these details I may also receive information about where visitors are from, their IP address, how they reach my blog, how they left my blog, how long they stayed, and several other bits of information. None of the information allows me to link a visitor directly to the stats and these stats are merely a way for me to analyze my blog traffic.

If I get enough blog traffic I may choose to add some sort of ADS to my website. These ADS if added could range from adbone, Google Adsense, to Amazon Affiliate links, or another blog affiliate program.

It is important to note that when anybody is following outbound links from our website they should consult that others sites privacy policy before giving out any of their personal information. We have good working relationships with all of the advertisers that we generally choose to use.

If I choose to use Google Adsense you will probably want to know that they use DART cookie technology. This technology results in Google dropping a cookie at blog visitors browsers. These cookies are used to track the other webpages and topics that my visitors frequent. By tracking this information Google is better able to serve users ADS that are related to the content they have been looking at. For example, if you have been looking at a lot of sports websites you may get served ADS related to sports. For more information on the DART cookie or to opt out of using it please visit the

If you have any questions regarding our please leave a comment or direct them to us.